Membership Benefits

Benefits of Becoming a Member of the California Golf Course Owners Association

The California Golf Course Owners Association (CGCOA) is dedicated to enhancing the business of our members. To achieve this, our members work together to better educate ourselves on new opportunities to run our golf courses better. Through personal contact with industry experts, whether they be fellow members or sponsors, the members of the CGCOA are exposed to the latest expertise, technology, resources and ideas to make themselves more successful. Furthermore, all members of the association pledge to themselves and the public that they will abide by core values which distinguish them from non-members. Working together, the members of the CGCOA are promoting themselves and the game of golf in a way that enhances their lives and enriches others.

To benefit all members, the CGCOA has initiated many programs including:

Semi-Annual Education and Golf Conferences – Twice a year, the CGCOA brings together panels of leading experts in California to discuss such diverse subjects as:

  • Successful Marketing Strategies for Golf Properties
  • Water Resource Management and Environmental Protection
  • Growing the Game of Golf
  • Employment and Human Resource Management for Golf Properties
  • Limiting Liability and Decreasing Insurance Costs
  • Dealing with Governmental Regulations and Compliance
  • Smart Buying Programs
  • Reducing Real Property and Income Taxes

The time spent together at these conferences addressing the pressing business issues of each member allows for a lively exchange of ideas and strategies which often leads to sharing contacts and information otherwise unattainable for members on their own. The CGCOA is dedicated to provide topical progams for which members have an immediate desire. Members are encouraged not only to share their ideas for future programs, but also to participate in the development of new educational programs.

CGCOA Group Insurance Programs – To lessen the financial burden of rising costs of insurance, CGCOA members have joined together to purchase insurance at lower group rates through programs created exclusively for CGCOA members by Golf Insurance Services, Inc. Our members are now saving thousands of dollars annually on:

  • Group Health Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Personal Injury, Business Liability and Employment Practices Insurance

Governmental Affairs, Economic Impact Studies and Environmental Issues – The CGCOA holds a seat on the Board of Directors of the California Alliance for Golf, which is a coalition formed by members of the California Golf Industry. CAG was formed to successfully advocate the importance of golf to the State of California. Because of CAG’s efforts, the sales tax on golf was defeated in Sacramento through the development of economic and environmental impact studies. Realizing a continuing need for the golf industry to have a voice, CAG retains a lobbyist in Sacramento who keeps us abreast of the latest legislation on issues affecting golf. The CGCOA is committed to funding the new economic and environmental impact studies in order to insure that our members will have the least amount of governmental intrusion possible.

California Affiliation with State Tourism Promotion efforts to assist the golf industry and tourism industries. CGCOA has established a unique partnership to promote golf in California. Members receive special placement and pricing in the California golf guides and on the golf web site sponsored by the state interests promoting tourism and golf. This is the second year that golf is being featured as a major attraction for visitors to the Golden State.

Other Benefits of Membership

  • Joining the CGCOA also comes with a membership with the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) and all of the resources they have to offer. This includes a “Listserv,” an e-mail community of NGCOA members, for gathering ideas and problem solving, marketing resources, and a Preferred Supplier and Smart Buy Program.
  • Members can submit job positions to our Job Postings board.
  • Members have access to research surveys and reports which will provide information and resources needed to prosper in today’s challenging business climate
  • Networking at the local level with other owners and operators promoting cooperation and the exchange of ideas among members
  • Local and state golf promotions and marketing programs designed to increase the efficiency of golf courses and golf-related operations
  • Participation available for national and local chapter conferences and trade shows
  • Smart Buy Program with special purchasing benefits with vendors and suppliers
  • Preferred Supplier Network: There are specific member benefits and discounts with vendor partners including Club Car, International Club Suppliers, EMPS, First Data, Pepsi and CNA Insurance. All programs are designed to help members better manage their business and to improve their bottom line


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