CGCOA offers educational meetings to address pressing business issues. Our meetings are opportunities for exchanges of ideas and strategies, which often lead to sharing contacts and information otherwise unattainable for members on their own. Members are encouraged to not only share their ideas for future programs, but to also participate in the development of new educational programs.

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Expertise and Resources for California’s Golf Course Owners

CGCOA is dedicated to developing strategic partnerships and strategies to help golf course owners provide a thriving recreational facility for the local community.

To achieve this, our members work together to better educate ourselves on new opportunities to run our golf courses better. Through personal contact with industry experts, whether they be fellow members or sponsors, the members of the CGCOA are exposed to the latest expertise, technology, resources and ideas to make themselves more successful.

Furthermore, all members of the association pledge to themselves and the public that they will abide by core values which distinguish them from non-members.

Working together, the members of the CGCOA are promoting themselves and the game of golf in a way that enhances their lives and enriches others.