Webinar Recording: Best Management Practices Workshop

Below is the recording of our Best Management Practices Workshop presented by GCSAA on March 10, 2022.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are tools commonly used by superintendents to provide quality playing surfaces and improve the economic and environmental health of their golf facilities. The adoption of BMP plans at the facility level helps in the advocacy efforts on behalf of golf with national, state, and local lawmakers, as well as the media. BMPs demonstrate our commitment to professional land management using science-based BMPs including the responsible use of inputs.

Important: COVID-19 Golf Industry Resources

Please note: Scroll down for additional resource links. 

Dear California Golf Industry Members:

Understandably, there is tremendous confusion over what is allowed and what is not following last night’s order by the governor, which appears to be at odds with directives and decisions being made by local governments. Industry leaders are working hard to find answers that will help guide you as you decide whether or not to remain open for business, and what level of customer service, golf play, and course maintenance is allowed.

At this time, our best guidance is that these decisions should be handled on a course by course basis. If you are considering staying open to the public or uncertain which activities can continue at your course, we encourage you to contact your county Public Health Department for clarification of their interpretation of the requirements and the county’s planned enforcement actions, as enforcement will occur at the local level. A comprehensive list of county health departments, with links to their websites and contact details, may be found here.

If your county indicates that golf play and maintenance may continue, please communicate that message to me, along with any specific restrictions and health and safety measures, as I will maintain a database of local policies, and will update other members on those details.

IMPORTANT: If your county indicates that golf play and/or maintenance are not allowed, or they are indecisive (we know of one county health office that told one person that golf was allowed and another that it wasn’t), please email me immediately, and I will work with other industry stakeholders on a coordinated effort to assist in resolving the situation in your county. It is very important that the messaging is consistent, appropriate and accurate, so you are urged to work through the allied industry associations (CGCOA, GCSA chapters, NCGA, NCPGA, SCGA, SCPGA) to enable a coordinated effort at the local level.

If you decide to advocate to your health department directly, please coordinate your efforts with other courses in your county to keep the message consistent and limit the burden on local health officials, then communicate the outcomes of those efforts to your neighboring courses and to me. For guidance on appropriate messaging about the importance of ongoing course maintenance, courtesy of GCSAA, please visit here.

For best management practices for those courses that conclude that golf play is allowed at their course, please reference the following documents:


NGCOA – PARK and PLAY Program: Making Your Course Social Distance Ready (Reviewed and approved by physicians with the Infectious Diseases Society of America)

Additional GCSAA resources related to management of the COVID-19 crisis at your property may be found here. All resources have been vetted by GCSAA legal counsel.

Additional Resource Links 

Below are additional resources for course owners, operators and employees:

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program


Please visit here for benefits for workers impacted by COVID-19 and also check out the EDD’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Paid Family Leave

Paid family leave is available for those who stay home because they need to take care of someone who has contracted the virus (COVID-19) or who has been quarantined (must be certified by a medical professional). Learn how to file a Paid Family Leave Claim here.

Disability Benefits/Paid Sick Leave

Disability benefits /paid sick leave are available for those who have actually contracted the virus themselves or who have been exposed to it and are quarantined (must be certified by a medical professional in the case of Disability Benefits). Learn how to file a Disability Insurance Claim here.

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits are available to those whose hours have been reduced or who have lost their job due to coronavirus measures (and it also applies to those who choose to stay home due to underlying health issues making them more vulnerable). The Governor has waived the 1 week wait time and the person may not be required to be actively looking for work (as is usually required). Learn how to file an Unemployment Insurance Claim here. Unfortunately, this benefit is not available to undocumented persons whose hours are reduced or lose their job for reasons related to COVID-19, etc.

School Closures

If your child’s school is closed and you have to miss work to care for them. You might qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Learn how to file an Unemployment Insurance Claim here.

We will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation, and will provide you with new information as it becomes available.

Marc Connerly, Executive Director

2019 Women’s Golf Day Wrap Up!

Women’s Golf Day (WGD) is a global golf initiative that was launched in 2016 to introduce women of all ages to the game of golf and encourage new and existing female golfers to get out on the course and “tee it up.”

On Tuesday, June 4th, 2019, staff of the California Golf Course Owners Association (CGCOA), National Golf Course Owners Association of Arizona (NGCOA Arizona) and Nevada Golf Course Owners Association (NVGCOA) helped celebrate WGD at CGCOA member course Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.

At 8:00 in the morning, the summer heat was already beginning to roll in, but that did not stop over 100 female golfers from participating in the activities Haggin Oaks had to offer. These fun in the sun activities included free interactive clinics, contests at the Academy Hole, as well as discounts on green fees, club fittings, and golf lessons.

The staff assisted with greeting all the participants with smiles and giveaways. The team even got to take a few swings on the driving range. Thanks to the coordination of the CGCOA, local news program Good Day Sacramento was on-site covering the event live. Dina Kupfer, Reporter for Good Day Sacramento, interviewed Linda Reid, Women’s Golf Ambassador for Haggin Oaks, and Kelli Corlett, Director of Youth, Family, and Adaptive Golf, also at Haggin Oaks.

View the engaging news clips here:
Good Day Sac Interview with Linda Reid, Part One
Good Day Sac Interview with Kelli Corlett, Part Two

Alisyn Gularte, Director of Membership and Sponsorship for CGCOA, NGCOA Arizona and NVGCOA really enjoyed chatting with all the participants, each with their own unique stories and background.

“Haggin Oaks provided a supportive and non-threatening environment for women of all abilities to learn golf. I was impressed by the staff’s friendly, energetic and patient demeanors. I was also inspired by the women I met on the course. One woman started playing because she received a gift card and wanted to try something new. Another lady began the game after her husband passed away. She hasn’t missed a day of golf in fifteen years,” Alisyn proclaims.

Other CGCOA, NGCOA Arizona, and NVGCOA members that participated in Women’s Golf Day included:

Alhambra Golf Course
Anaheim Hills Golf Course
Angel Park Golf Course
Carson Valley Golf Course
Castle Oaks Golf Club
Dairy Creek Golf and Event Center
Eagle Crest Golf Club
Foxtail Golf Course
Lincoln Hills Golf Course
Palm Desert Resort Country Club
Willowick Golf Course

All of these courses provided a variety of activities and promotions of clinics and classes, discounts, trunk shows, raffles, yoga, happy hour, putting contests and so much more!

CGCOA, NGCOA Arizona, and NVGCOA also profiled a series of amazing women with deep roots in the golf industry. Read their inspirational stories here.

While Women’s Golf Day has come and gone, it is never too late to start planning for next year. CGCOA, NGCOA Arizona, and NVGCOA encourages all golf courses to participate in this globally recognized day of encouraging women to get out and play some golf!

The mission of the California Golf Course Owners Association (CGCOA), National Golf Course Owners Associations of Arizona (NGCOA Arizona), and Nevada Golf Course Owners Association (NVGCOA) is developing strategic partnerships and strategies to help golf course owners to provide a thriving recreational facility for the local community.

Our Golf is Good campaign is aimed at improving the image of golf and spreading the message of golf’s many community benefits to elected officials and the general public. Golf courses are a valuable asset to local communities and the state.

Join the movement and become a member today!

Welcome to our newest sponsor Golf Made Simple!

CGCOA is proud to announce Golf Made Simple as our newest Annual Sponsor!

Out of the 133 Golf Schools and 26,000 PGA Professionals in America, Golf Made Simple is recognized as the 3rd best! Why? Because “92% of Golfers improve 6 to 11 strokes during their 3 day program!” GMS is a proven learning system that will help you improve your golf swing so that you become more consistent on the golf course.

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Golf Is Good

By now you have likely heard about Golf Is Good, our campaign designed to reshape the image of golf in the minds of elected officials, prospective golfers and the public at large.

View our Golf Is Good press release.

CGCOA members will soon have access to a PDF version of the document, including a spot for adding the course logo. In the coming weeks, this document will be distributed to each legislative office, water district and local governing body in the state.

Subsequent phases of the Golf Is Good campaign will include alternate messaging promoting golf’s many other benefits, such as fitness, community resource, neighborhood property values, recreation, and more. It is our intention that eventually the campaign will be aimed at non-golfers, with a message encouraging them to give golf a try.

Please help us spread the word that Golf Is Good by displaying our sign within your course!

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