Please take a look at the Back2Golf resources from NGCOA here. Please take special note of the Back2Golf Operations Playbook Version 4.0.

The PPP is the Payroll Protection Program, which was created by the federal government. It enabled some employers who needed assistance to receive money to cover their payroll and other expenses if they suffered during the shutdown.

The counties are determining what is allowed in their jurisdiction, including which businesses can reopen, social distancing protocols, whether carts can be used, etc. It is the county health department that makes those decisions.

The County Public Health information for Orange County may be found here. 

There are many resources, but here is a brief list of links:

Orange County Business Guidelines

Orange County Public Health Officer Orders

National Golf Course Owners Association

We will provide an update on cart restrictions as soon as we can confirm that information. 

Outdoor recreational activities must comport with the Mandatory Directives for Recreation/Athletics, which you can access here.  The Mandatory Directives state that recreational activities can only occur if it is possible for people to maintain 6 feet of physical distance at all times, so the sharing of a golf cart between members of different households would not be permitted as it would not allow for 6 feet of physical distance to be maintained.