The following message is provided to CGCOA members and allies on behalf of the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA):

The National Golf Course Owners Association sends heartfelt condolences to the entire West Coast that is being affected by fires.

We recognize your journey to rebuild may be challenging, and for many, will require resources that may not be locally available. The NGCOA is ready to assist you by sharing your needs with our membership and industry partners, who may be able to aid in your efforts. Be aware that this support is not only limited to NGCOA members.

Some of our members have informed us that they are ready to assist with your recovery. This assistance may include loaning of equipment, or possibly providing labor resources.

If you would like this kind of support, please complete this form and we will follow up and assess how we can best address your needs.

In addition to business needs, we know many of your staff may also need assistance. The federal government has set up a special Disaster Assistance website to help individuals and businesses within the affected areas navigate their recovery journey.

The NGCOA also recently published a Disaster Preparedness InfoPak whitepaper on disaster planning and recovery to assist you as you embark on your recovery.

Requests should include a list of needs as specific as possible, to include primary point of contact information and shipping address.

The NGCOA stands ready to support you and your staff as you undertake what may be one of the most difficult times you have faced.