The Golf is Great Ambassador Program is modeled after the GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador Program, which pairs superintendents across the country with their congressional representatives. The CGCOA Golf is Great Ambassador Program pairs course representatives with their California legislative representatives (Assembly person or State Senator).

Golf is Great Ambassadors are trained by CGCOA on how to conduct effective meetings with elected officials (mostly state legislators, but possibly local officials on occasion) and the messages the golf industry wants to convey to those elected officials.

In-person meetings are then scheduled with legislators or their staff, and Ambassadors report back to CGCOA on the outcomes of those meetings.  The Ambassadors will also be encouraged to invite legislators to their golf course to take a tour or attend a charity event.

Ambassadors can be anybody who works at a course! There is no cost to be an Ambassador, and the course does not need to be a member of CGCOA to participate.

For any questions about our Golf is Great Ambassador program, please contact our office at or (916) 485-6361!