The below message is on behalf of CGCOA Sponsor 19th Hole Media.

Michael Block’s Inspiring Journey, and the Incredible Power of Social Media for Your Golf Course

Dear Esteemed Members and Friends of the California Golf Course Owners Association,

What a ride it’s been! Michael Block, Head Golf Professional at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, recently became a household name through an awe-inspiring performance at the PGA Championship. His PGA Club Pro status, heartfelt interviews, the unforgettable ace at the 15th hole, and a grand 15th place finish made for an exciting spectacle. With this feat, he secured an exemption for next year’s PGA Championship.

It’s no surprise for us as we fondly remember the 2020 California Golf Course Owners Association Employee Excellence Award being bestowed upon Michael. The award is a recognition of exceptional customer service skills, remarkable leadership, and excellent teamwork, all of which he showcased at the PGA Championship, reaffirming our decision to nominate him in 2020.

As the championship unfolded and Michael’s journey gained momentum, Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club’s social media platforms were abuzz. His earnest and emotional interviews resonated with the audience and propelled the club’s digital presence to new heights. His pair up with Rory, followed by his fairy tale round on Sunday, set the digital world alight.

19th Hole Media (Welborn Media) took the helm of live-tweeting the round and ensured continuous digital coverage of Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club and Michael Block. Capturing these moments was not only thrilling but also one of the most impactful events we have ever been a part of.

With a decade-long experience in handling Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club’s social media, we have witnessed the power of digital presence in action. From attracting celebrity golfers like Albert Pujols and Teemu Selanne to gaining international golf influencers’ attention, social media has been instrumental. It has also helped the club to retain top teaching professionals, promote successful events, and build an extensive waiting list for club membership.

Last week alone we generated 3,654,206 impressions, 140,088 engagements, and 725 new followers.

Why does your golf course need social media? Here’s why:

• Retain, Attract, and Grow Talent, Influencers, and Business: A vibrant social media presence allows your golf course to highlight key staff members and their efforts, attract influencers, and expand business reach.

• Capitalize on Big Opportunities: The PGA Championship’s unexpected turn was a testament to how an active social media presence can capture pivotal moments and transform them into business opportunities.

• Engage and Connect with Golfers: Engaging with golfers posts after their visit to your course by reacting to their tags, reviews, and promotional content significantly boosts the likelihood of their return.

Let us help you bring the power of social media to your golf course. We are offering a free social media consulting session for your golf course. Please email me at to arrange a session at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for everything!

Zeb Welborn

President of Welborn Media & 19th Hole Media